Hole 17

Par 5


Black: 539
Blue: 519

White: 440
Red: 393

Men Handicap
Black/Blue: 6
Combo/White: 12

Women Handicap
White/Combo: 8
Red: 8

Oakdale Golf and Country Club - Hole 17

You’ll need to hit a slight draw over the top of the large oak tree to end up in the middle of the fairway on this 539 Yard double dog-leg par 5. The large lake running down most of the left side of the hole will intimidate even the best of golfers. A good tee shot will entice you to go for the green in two, but the smart play is to lay up. Now that you played safe, you’ll have to test your confidence by hitting a short iron into a small green surrounded on three sides by water which will force you to think twice about going for the pin.

Oakdale Golf and Country Club - Hole 17 Approach